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Tod Slaughter's

Friday, April 1, 2016

Godzilla versus Cthulhu: American Apocalypse Part Five

Read Part Four first!

                The two gods met in a Nebraska cornfield. They stopped and faced each other half a mile apart while a gentle breeze blew among the corn, rippling the long green leaves and swaying the yellow tassels. Godzilla thrust her head forward and roared; Cthulhu responded with a deafening volley of alien bleats. The battle commenced.
                The earth shook as they rushed toward each other and the impact of their collision sent out a shock-wave that leveled the corn in an expanding circle around them like a rock thrown into a pond. Their gigantic clawed fingers grappled, struggling to find a purchase, and Cthulhu was the first to fall. With a hand on each shoulder, Godzilla forced the winged creature to the ground. Cthulhu blasted her with a series of pulsing bleats and its tentacles writhed upward, wrapping themselves around Godzilla’s massive head and pulling it downward.
                Godzilla’s spikes glowed and she poured a torrent of blue fire into the creature's face. They rolled over, Cthulhu's tentacles now dripping blue, and Cthulhu grabbed Godzilla’s mouth, clamping it shut. The two gods stared into each other’s eyes for a brief and silent moment. Then Godzilla turned quickly, whipping her thick tail around and dashing it into Cthulhu’s side. Cthulhu staggered and fell backward into the cornfield. A nearby stand of silos toppled to the ground.
                Cthulhu rose slowly. Dirt and cornstalks showered down from the monster’s shoulders as black membranous wings spread. Rising into the air, Cthulhu glared at Godzilla with impenetrable eyes before hurtling downward. They collided and this time it was Godzilla who fell, plowing backward through the field with the tentacled creature perched on her chest. The gods writhed and they battled, clawing, kicking and rending the air with their titanic siren calls. They rolled across the land, obliterating a farm house and neighboring barn beneath them, eventually collapsing motionless on the torn earth.
                Helicopters circled overhead. The monsters, though breathing, did not move for some time. Even with the reverberations of the helicopters, the world seemed to have grown quiet. Godzilla stirred first. She rose to her feet and shook the dirt from her body. Cthulhu rose beside her, wings outstretched. Together they raised their heads and roared at the sky in unison.

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